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The Ending Didn't Work, but Everything Else Was Pretty Good

Someone Like You - Sarah Dessen

I have been reading a lot of Sarah Dessen books the past couple of months. "Someone Like You" is Dessen's second book and maybe I should have been more careful to read these in order. I really did love this book. It is about two best friends (Halley and Scarlett) and them trying to get through their junior year of high school after Scarlett deals with losing the boy she loved in a motorcycle accident. If things were not complicated enough, Scarlett finds out she is pregnant, and Halley decides she is going to do whatever she can to be there for Scarlett. The book really is about Halley coming into her own and deciding what she feels comfortable with when it comes to her first serious relationship.


I liked Halley. The book starts off with her away at some "feel your feelings" summer camp that her therapist mother forced her off to. Unlike with most of Dessen's books, Halley's parents are happily married, though right now Halley and her mother are going through some growing pains. While Halley often thought of herself and her mother as best friends, she has started to grow apart from her. Whether it was Halley outgrowing the boy her mother thought was appropriate for her, or just not wanting to keep sharing everything with her mother, you can see that for both of these characters they want things to go back to the way that they were before. 

When Halley gets a call from Scarlett telling her that Scarlett's secret boyfriend (red flags people) has been killed and she needs Halley there, Halley calls her family and demands to come home. Here I found Halley's mom a bit heartless about her coming home soon and asking about why does she need to be there. Um gee souless one, maybe to be there for her friend.


Image result for do you have a soul gif


After that, things are fractured between Halley and her mother for most of the book and get worse when Halley finds herself drawn to Scarlett's dead boyfriend's friend Macon. Yeah try repeating that five times fast. 



The book really is a push pull for Halley to understand her worth after she starts seeing Macon. She really does think she is lucky to have Macon in her life. It's a long slow realization for her though when you as a reader realize she has no clue that she's doing all the giving and he's doing all the taking. When things come to a head, I was proud of the way the book continued from there. 


There were times in this book I just felt such pity for both Halley and Scarlett. Halley because she didn't realize what Scarlett ends up realizing with regards to the boy she fell in love with. That sex is important, and you should be absolutely sure before you have sex with someone that you could end up being connected to for the rest of your life. 


The ending though felt unfinished. I wanted to read more about Scarlett and Halley. Without realizing it, the next book I finished this weekend had an appearance and update regarding Scarlett so that made me happy. Nothing else in that hot mess of a book did though.