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This Book Was Terrible

Come Home - Lisa Scottoline

Why did I give this book five stars even though it was laughably bad? Cause I could not put it down. Seriously. Besides the terrible plotting, the paper thin daughter and stepdaughters, the ridiculous fiancee, etc. and the dumb main character, I could not put this down. I have been sick all week so maybe that's a factor too. But buckle up, cause I am about to spoil some stuff that I found freaking hilarious. 


The main character in this book is Jill. Jill is a pediatrician and also widowed and divorced. Her first husband died of a brain aneurysm (as they do) and she divorced her second husband over something so horrible and awful that she dare not speak it's name. Believe me when you find out what it was that led to the divorce it had all of the impact of a baseball bat made of cotton balls. 


Jill is enjoying herself in the kitchen one rainy night (of course it is) with her fiancee Sam. Yes that makes three dudes now that Jill is planning on tying herself to. One wonders if Jill should just get a hobby or something, but thank goodness Sam isn't evil. In fact, Sam is the only damn character in this book that has any common sense. I wanted Sam to repeatedly go bye girl to Jill due to her ridiculous crap.


Anyway, back to Jill. Jill hears a voice crying out her name and she already knows it's Abby. Well as a reader I didn't have a damn clue who Abby was cause she wasn't introduced. Jill runs out into the rain and there finds her stepdaughter Abby that she hasn't seen in years since the divorce. Abby is shaken, drunk, etc. and cries to Jill that she has to help her cause her father was murdered.


Cue dramatic music.


Seriously, this whole book read like the short stories my nephew writes right now. They tend to be about a boy falling down a hole and chasing his dog, but hey, they still make more sense than this book.


So Jill who has not seen Abby in three years at this point takes her in and starts acting motherly. Sam who is not a moron has issues with Abby showing up drunk and also that Abby was driving drunk as well. Jill just ignores that and agrees to let Abby stay the night and puts her in her teen daughter's room without discussing it with said daughter first. 


When Jill's daughter Megan comes home and is all why is Abby in my room, in my bed, wearing my nightgown, Jill just ignores any issues her daughter may have with that and is instead worried about hearing about how her evil stepdad who didn't even stay in touch and wouldn't speak to her after the divorce will affect Megan. 


Honestly most of this book is just Jill ignoring everyone that tells her to stop doing what she's doing (her fiancee, the police, the freaking FBI, her other step daughter Victoria who hates her) and trying to find out what happened with her ex husband who someone is turned into a good guy (he's not) in the end cause if you love someone you forgive them their transgressions or some such nonsense.


I think the book hit peak stupidity when instead of caring for a patient who may possibly die because Jill was so wrapped up in playing Sherlock (or Dr. Watson who gets mentioned a lot in this book) that Jill starts to realize that maybe, just maybe she's gone too far. 


And honestly Jill's best friend is probably the only other person in this book who had any sense besides Sam. 


Jill investigates cause she's Abby's mom/stepmom and doesn't know how to stop loving her. Mind you, she has not spoken or talked to Abby or her sister in three years due to her ex taking out a restraining order against her from contacting his kids. Jill ignores things going on with her own kid and Sam and is angry that Sam is making her choose between him/Megan or Abby and her dead father. There is no real sense of danger in this book at all. Jill figuring out things that somehow the police and the FBI did not was a joke. You find out how much of a joke when surprise the FBI shows up and reveals they pretty much knew all so Jill putting herself in harm's way was 100 percent for nothing.

Oh I am going to tell you the stepdad and Jill divorced because he kept stealing money from her, demanding that she use her dead husband's insurance money and give it to her, when she refused, he started stealing prescription pads from her office and selling them to people to buy drugs. So she could have lost her license and her practice could have been in big trouble. Frankly the whole book makes no sense since when he is confronted he apparently screamed, yelled, took his two daughters and never spoke to Jill again. Why she didn't have him arrested astonishes me and I am shocked her practice would not have taken this to the police. 


The writing was bad. Every chapter ended with Jill stressing out about either Abby or her patient who is sick and she can't figure out why. It didn't even make sense with the preceding sentences that came before it most of the time. 


The main plot about what happened to Abby's father was something out a James Patterson book. That was not a compliment. 


And the dialogue between characters was terrible too. Plus the timelines in this book didn't add up. At one point we find out that Jill hasn't seen these kids in 3 years and when I started doing the math because of other people's ages and all I just gave up. 

Nothing made sense, I rolled my eyes the whole way through. And I have a lot to say about the terrible ending which resulted in some random dude proposing to Victoria. And then Sam randomly coming around cause love is the answer and even if you are a stepparent after you get divorced, you don't stop loving the stepkids. I understand the sentiment, but it just felt like Jill went right into overly involved in these two kids lives and this is even after the one stepdaughter asked her to rightfully back off.