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Really Enjoyed This Book

Crimes Against a Book Club - Kathy Cooperman

I got this as the Kindle Single this month from Amazon. I have to say, I am shocked at how much I enjoyed this book. Maybe because the book at the top of each chapter goes into a book club read and gives you someone's perspective on it. Or I just loved the fact that some of the lines in this book were so freaking hilarious that I laughed out loud. I was actually sad to see the book end. I do have to say the ending was a bit out there, and not believable in the least bit, but I liked it. I think that some things could be tightened up a bit though (sense of time and it would have been nice to get a better sense of some of the male characters in this one). 

The book starts off with two best friends (Annie and Sarah) both coming to a financial hurdle in their lives. Anne is a stay at home mom to three kids. When her son Oscar is diagnosed with autism and she is told how much it's going to cost her family to deal with one year of treatment for Oscar ($80,000) she is justifiably worried that there is no way for her family to deal with this cost on top of their mortgage and other bills.  


Sarah is dealing with IVF treatments. She and her husband Michael are trying to have kids. However, due to Sarah's high pressured job (she's a lawyer trying to make partner) there's a worry she's too stressed out to get pregnant. When she finally quits her job (in a hilarious freaking scene) she realizes that she doesn't have the cash to keep paying for the treatments.

Enter the plan. Annie has gone to a book club and realized that these 1 percenters would pay thousands ($2,000) for a facial cream that makes women look younger. Due to Annie being a chemist, she puts together several different types of facial creams and mixes in a secret ingredient (no spoilers) and then uses the fact that Sarah looks a decade younger than her age to push the facial cream first to their book club friends and others.


Can I say though that out of the gate I had real sympathy for some of the book club crew. We delve into each women a little bit here and there along with Annie and Sarah. You get to see in some cases grossly unhappy women who are doing what they can to keep their husbands interested. In other women's cases, they are doing what they can to start all over again after being traded in for a younger model. 


I did enjoy Sarah more than Annie. I felt out of like with Annie once we find out about her secret ingredient. Her reasoning behind it was total crap. And I hated that Annie sat around being judgmental about the other women and even Sarah to a certain degree. The two friends do have a falling out, but I was glad that Sarah let Annie have it. She needed it.

I honestly thought that the book worked very well together. I do have to say that the flow was a bit off here and there though. And as I said the ending was not believable at all, but I enjoyed it. I do think that the timeline situation should have been tightened up though. At one point I was reading and someone goes that so and so was 7 months pregnant and I went, wait a minute, they met when she announced she was pregnant, does that mean it's been like 4 months? I just needed the timeline spelled out a bit better.