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Old School Stephen King is Back

Gwendy's Button Box - Stephen King, Richard Chizmar

Seriously. I needed this to be longer. I wanted it to be longer. I had so many questions left and I really do hope that King follows this up with the next owner of the button box someday.


"Gwendy's Button Box" is another Castle Rock book. Yeah, I thought we were done with that place. But King takes us back to 1974 and we follow 12 year old Gwendy Peterson and her friends and family.


Gwendy as she is running up and down the famous Suicide Stairs comes across a mysterious stranger in a black hat. I had some questions about who this guy was, I initially thought it was the Man in Black by another name, but nope, it can't be him when you read enough about him. The man in the black hat provides Gwendy with a special button box. She pushes it and a chocolate animal will come out that can help out Gwendy with her overeating problem. Sometimes a silver coin will also come out too. However, the man cautions Gwendy that certain buttons can cause problems if pushed. He is leaving the button box in her care for her to do with it as she wishes. 


We read about how the button box slowly changes Gwendy and her family for the good it seems. But of course Gwendy is still curious about the other buttons on the box.

The writing is old school King. I loved it. Plus there were illustrations in this one that really helped set the stage as I was reading. There is so much information provided in this book that you are left with wanting more (or at least I was) and I hope that we get to see Gwendy in future books.