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Cute Beginning to Series

Enchanted, Inc. - Shanna Swendson

So I thought this was a cute first book in this series. I ended up reading up to book #6 and the charm started to wear off though. It started to feel a bit repetitive after a while. My major issue in this book though is that there is still a lot that is explained that I had questions about. Also Katie's friend's obsession with dating and finding boyfriends felt weirdly out of place in this book.


In "Enchanted Inc." Katie Chandler who has moved to New York from Texas, is given an intriguing job offer. A company called MSI Inc. wants to hire her and sends her repeated emails telling her to apply. Since her current box makes Miranda Priestly from the Devil Wears Prada look nice, Katie responds to the email she comes face to face with two men who tell her that magic is real, and she is an immune. An immune is someone that magic doesn't affect at all. They need more people like her in order to tell if they are being cheated when they do contracts concerning spells with other magic users. 


The plot was good. We had Katie getting used to living in a world where magic is real, gargoyles talk and are part of security, where wizards, fairies, and even a part ogre are part of her day to day life. 


Katie has a crush on one of the guys at her job (Owen) who is in research and development. I hope you love reading about how much the guy blushes through six books cause it's a lot. I did like the character of Owen, but there's no much development with this character in book one. I would say that there's not a lot of development with many of the characters in this one.


We also have a character who is introduced in this one as well, the creator of MSI, Inc., Merlin himself. We find out that Merlin had a thousand year sleep and was awaken due to a threat to the magical community. The threat is a rival organization setting up selling bad spells. Honestly, the bad guy in this series was lame. I wanted more details about Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Other magical creatures, etc. 


An interesting first book that spurred me to read the next five books though.