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VI Kicks Butt in This One

Guardian Angel - Sara Paretsky

This was such a great book. I enthused about it to several people on vacation. The first couple of VI books were hard to take. She was hard to take. But in this one, "Guardian Angel" we have two separate cases that VI is working that end up coming together.


In this one we finally have VI facing the consequences of some of the decisions she is making that end up impacting her and her friends. Also we have a new love interest for VI in this one which was nice. This character we have met before, and I am curious how that is going to work due to the racial dynamics at play (VI is white, her new lover is black).


This seems like a pretty straight forward story. VI is dealing with her shared dog (Peppy) becoming pregnant. VI of course wants nothing to do with it and blames Mr. Contreras for letting it happen. I have to say though that I loved reading about the puppies. Though VI has some cases she is wrapping up, not much is going on with her. She has reached a new understanding with Bobby Mallory (thank goodness) and though she's alone, she's still focused on staying independent. 


When a neighbor of VI's ends up taking a fall that lands her in the hospital, some of the other neighbors use that as a way to get approved as guardians for the older woman. They then put her dogs to sleep and go about trying to get the deed to the house in order to put it up for sell. VI of course puts her nose in cause the whole putting her dogs to sleep thing has her ticked. Mr. Contreras also needs VI's help due to an old friend of his getting in some trouble. When Mr. Contreras's friend winds up dead, VI starts poking around to figure out who would want the older man dead.

The two plots end up syncing up though I have to say that I was surprised at how Paretsky did it. 

What was really good though is that Lotty's longtime nurse is ready to move on which leads her in a bad mood. Things get worse when Lotty is attacked due to the assailants thinking she is VI. The friendship between the two women takes a huge hit and one wonders if they are able to get past it.


I have to say though that VI seems to learn in this one that her behavior has consequences and that she can't just keep doing what she is doing. Frankly, I find her stubborn and kind of a jerk at times in this one. But I can see why. She is doing a lot of soul searching due to having her ex-husband back in her face in this one and having to see the new wife he traded her in for as well. I do like though that more people called Vic out on her crap.