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Liked Some Stories More Than Others

The Mistletoe Murder: And Other Stories - P.D. James

This collection reminded me a lot of Agatha Christie. I thought the first short story was very cleverly done and for me afterwards things just kind of went downhill from there. Two of the stories stars PD James, Adam Dagliesh characters. I found him interesting enough to pick up one of her longer books starring him. Other than that, a good way to pass the time.


This was a very short collection (only 176 pages) so I was able to read through these four short stories fairly quickly. All of them take place around Christmas too which I thought was kind of cute and also kind of messed up. I think that if the stories had been longer they would have left me with a better impression. 


The Mistletoe Murder": A young woman who is recently widowed during WWII goes to visit her estranged family. A murder occurs that leaves her figuring out who killed a house guest and why. What I did enjoy was the reveal at the end that left me with even more questions. 


"A Very Commonplace Murder": This one was quite disturbing. You don't get the reveal until the end which surprised me. 


"The Boxdale Inheritance": Chief Superintendent Dagliesh is called in by his godfather to investigate a possible 60 plus year old crime in order to determine who the real killer was and if they got away. 


"The Twelve Clues of Christmas": Dagliesh appears in this one again and quickly solves who murdered an eccentric elderly men using twelve clues left in the locked room.