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The Hollow House - Janis Patterson

I don't know who recommended this one to me, but I really enjoyed it! I was unable to put it down. The way the book ends it feels like it is setting itself up for a sequel. When I get a chance I will see if the author published another book starring this character.


A woman named Geraldine Brunton is hiding from something. Scared that she is going to be found and eventually on the street since she is running low on money, she applies to be a companion for an elderly woman (Emmaline Stubbs) living in Denver. Readers are privy to the fact that Geraldine is doing what she can to not be noticed since she is worried that if if her identity is revealed, someone is going to come looking for her. A murder occurs and then the entire household is under suspicion. 


I thought the character of Geraldine was so interesting. I don't want to spoil the story. But when you find out more about her background and upbringing and what caused her to flee, you will be shocked. I also really liked her burgeoning friendship with Emmaline Stubbs. 


I thought some of the other characters were underdeveloped, but it didn't hinder my enjoyment of the overall book. We have Emmaline's background to get into which I wish we had gotten more details about. Or at least a prologue going into the incident that left Emmaline bedridden. We also have Emmaline's daughter and son in law who both just ooze malevolence at times.


The writing was easy to follow and I think that Patterson did a good job with keeping the wording/writing style to the time period this book takes place in (1919).


The ending wasn't a surprise to me. Even though I saw it coming, I still enjoyed this book.