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Nine Women, One Dress

Nine Women, One Dress: A Novel - Jane L Rosen

Yikes. I went in liking the idea behind following nine women who are all tied to the same small Little Black Dress (LBD) but after a few chapters there were way too many people to track. The book included following some men as well which made things doubly confusing. And after a while it just felt like we got a few short paragraphs per chapter and would skip ahead to someone else.


I was hoping more for a book set up like the The Secret Lives of Dresses.


I wish that I could pick out one character that I liked the most, but honestly I can't even recall someone that is standing out in my mind right now. The model turned actress character was interesting, but honestly I found her whole rise to stardom to be implausible in this day and age with so many insta-models becoming the new hot thing. And the Hollywood leading men character was not believable at all. Maybe because I had some friends who dated actors/actresses and they all had some stories to tell.

What could have worked better for me is if we followed the elderly (male) dress designer as he worked on designing a dress and each chapter would show a different woman coming to Bloomingdale's finding THE DRESS and wearing it a pivotal part in their lives. I think that is where Rosen was going, but it just got lost with the shifting perspectives.


And I am going to say it seemed like to me she got bored towards the end since the chapters were so choppy. And then everyone got a happy ending (well except for one character who I could not figure out who it was).