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That Summer - Sarah Dessen

Wow I'm surprised by how not good this one is. I have really liked or been okay towards  Dessen's other books so this is a disappointment to me.


"That Summer " has fifteen-year-old Haven as the main protagonist in this story. She's dealing with her father who is about to remarry and her sister who's about to get married. So within a short span of time we have two weddings that feel pretty nondescript for me as a reader. I think the bigger issue is that everyone is very flat in this book and I really don't get what Havens deal is. She's kind of a jerk and I'm supposed to be rooting for her as a reader  I just feel kind of over how she's treating everybody. I think the bigger issue though is now that her sister's ex-boyfriend from many moons ago has showed up again she's just hero worshipping that guy to the point that I'm assuming there's going to be some crazy reveal about him.