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What Makes a Serial Killer?

The I-5 Killer, Revised Edition by Ann Rule [MassMarket(1984/3/1)] - Ann Rule

It's weird growing up as a child in the 80s.


I heard all of these stories about these serial killers that seem to have popped up overnight in the 1980s it seemed. You had Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and you even had the I-5 killer, Randall Woodfield.


Reading this true crime book by Ann Rule about the I-5 killer was eye-opening.


Unlike with her previous books I think that Rule was a lot stronger in this one because she really did focus on the perpetrator a lot more and the crimes that he committed. The crimes were very horrific and at times very hard to read, but I think that she did a great job of getting into his mind and the contempt he felt towards women. Unlike in previous Rule books even though we get the bare-bones sketch of the prosecutors and the police they don't overwhelm the story. Instead the victims and the ordeals that they suffered shines through in this one, which makes me appreciate it a lot more. Because in the end when these killers are caught and their infamy is shouted from the rooftops we often do forget about the victims and the families that they left behind.


I don't know what makes a serial killer.  Reading this book you seem to think that the killer Randall Woodfield had everything going for him. I mean at one point he was even asked to come and try out for the Green Bay Packers. But something inside of him, something made him want to be loved by women but also hated them and caused him to lash out at them at any opportunity that he got until he just turned deadly for more than a year up and down the I-5 Highway.


What's really weird though is how this killer ended up linking up with another case that Rule end up writing about, Diane Downs.


One thing that I do wish though is that there had been a follow-up to some of these true crime stories. When you read different details later on you find out things that have happened I found out that Woodfield was tied to a couple of more murders that Rule and other suspected him in in this book. So that does make me feel a bit better to see that some of those crimes were tied up and he was definitively linked and charged.


Definitely recommend to those true-crime lovers out there. Be prepared for a grisly read at times though.