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Buns - Alice Clayton

Sorry this one didn't work for me. Glad for the appearance of Caroline from Wallbanger series though. I just didn't gel with the main couple and oh boy Natalie got on my nerves. She swore and acted like an alien just recently dropped off at Earth with how she acted in mixed company. Ugh. 


I think the dead spouse romance is never a winner for me and honestly Clara and Archie didn't even make sense as a couple. And Clara had legitimate reason why she was afraid to be close to Archie, but just acted half her age about it. And Archie was rude to Clara and all of a sudden into her out of nowhere. It really didn't work. We only learn about Clara's full past when she tells Archie in a rolling dialogue and I don't get why none of her friends said anything about it to her which would have been realistic. 


The book was honestly boring too. Reading about Clara's job was more interesting than the boring romance. And I just felt like there should have been more scenes between the three friends which didn't revolve around Clara's dating life. I don't think they had one real conversation about anything else that I thought would be good. Like reading about how Natalie was dealing with relocating for the most part to Bailey Falls. How was her new job drumming up business for the town going? We do get to see Roxanne doing her how to food classes, but we don't get to see her or her mom together much talking to each other. The whole book was like that and weird to me.


The book ends with an epilogue like the other books told from the make hero's point of view and eh. Archie just didn't work. And the nicknames they have for each other (Bossy and Hotel Boy?) sucked.