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Correction to Booklikes-opoly Player Bank for Obsidian Blue

I realized that one of my books that I read was missing from the list and I had to go back and add totals together again.


Also I decided to add in the spaces that I landed on as well since I seriously don't want to keep having to go back to older posts to recall where I landed. And some of you were emailing me to ask me what books I had read for certain spaces. I hope this is helpful!


Where are you with your players banks as of today? I hope everyone has been enjoying Booklikes-opoly!




April 15: $20.

April 17: $23. I read "The Wangs Vs the World", electronic pages 368. $3.00. Main Street Station 3. 


April 19: $28. I read "The Bone Witch" e-book, 432 pages. $5.00. Fantasyland 9.


April 24: $33. I read "Dream Wedding", electronic pages 512. $5.00. Landed on engagement ring.


April 25: $33. Landed on BL and had to post a vacation photo or tell a story about a vacation.


April 29: $36. Read "Whitethorn Woods", 354 pages Kindle edition, $3.00. Adventureland 27.


April 29: $39. Read "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", 256 pages;$3.00. Tomorrowland 33.


May 4: $42. Read "The Ghost Brigades" Paperback, 346 pages; $3.00. Tomorrowland 36.

May 8: $47. Read "American Gods" Hardcover, 465 pages; $5.00. Frontierland 4.

May 8: $53. Read "Moon Called" 298 pages Kindle edition; $3.00. Fantasyland 9.

May 13: $58. Read "Solitude Creek" 434 pages electronic; $5.00. Landed on Adventureland 26


May 14: $61. Read "No Country for Old Men" 320 pages Kindle edition; $3.00. Landed on Cars Land 16

May 19: $64. Read "The Witches: Salem, 1692" 384 ebook; $3.00. Landed on BL and a friend chose which book I would read out of the four I posted. 

May 30: $67. Read "The Good Earth" 372 pages ebook: $3.00. Landed on Tomorrowland 36


June 4: $70. Read "The Wind in the Willows" paperback edition, 256 pages: $3.00. Landed on Fantasyland 7


June 27: $75. Read "The Lincoln Lawyer" kindle edition, 528 pages: $5.00. Landed on Main Street 13


June 28: $83. Read "That Summer" kindle edition, 174 pages: $8.00. Landed on Water Works. 

June 30: $92. Read "And Then There Were None", paperback, 247 pages: $9.00. Multiplier due to second time on BL space. And then got sent to New Orleans Square 21.


July 4: $102. Read "The Changeling" Kindle edition 448 pages; $10.00. Landed on Frontierland 1


July 4: $108. Read "The Girl Who Chased the Moon" Kindle edition, 280 pages; $6.00. Landed on Main Street 10


July 6: $114. Read "The Rivers of London" 396 pages; Kindle edition, $6.00. Landed on Cars Land 19


July 8: $129. Read "The Brass Verdict" 419 pages; Kindle edition. $15.00 Multiplier due to second time on New Orleans Square 21.


July 9: $144. Read "The Kill Room" 496 pages: Kindle edition. $15.00 Multiplier due to second time on Adventure Land 26.


July 11: $150. Read "The Descent" 384 pages; Kindle edition. $6.00. First time on Paradise Pier 30

Balance $150.