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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James

So this is Twilight fan fiction and it's making me miss those books more. And I disliked those books. A lot. The car almost hitting Ana is directly taken from Twilight with Edward and what's her face.


And now this book has hit absurd level 5. Christian Grey warns Ana away from him cause reasons. I guess James couldn't just stick the whole vampire thing in here so it's left unsaid and also dumb. But he sends her first editions with a quote about danger and I rolled my eyes. I'm shocked he didn't send her a copy of Atlas Shrugged. 


Also Ana's snobbery about only reading classics and specifically British literature says all you need to know about the character.


After finishing her final exams she's off celebrating with her friends and Jose who doesn't take no for an answer kisses and grabs her hair. So he sucks too. But what gets me is Ana calls Grey and acts like a drunken idiot. And he somehow broke every known speed limit and got to her in like ten minutes to ride to her rescue.