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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James

Dear women everywhere. If you ever meet a man who incorrectly calls himself a dominant who then wants you to sign an agreement that you must always comply with his stalkerish ass at all times while having sex, run. 


I am now drinking an Irish coffee. 


So after Ana gets a bit slut shame with her best friend,she passes out dancing with Christian. Cause you know what you should do, dance with someone who is intoxicated after they have already thrown up. 


And now Christian is telling Ana that he can't help being attracted to her. Whatever dude. You're 26 and I still don't get your business and how you're wealthy. And he's supposedly been with 15 women before Ana in a submissive/dominant relationship and she's all well that's not too many. I guess she only gets judgemental when it's one of her friends. 


And there is no dominant/submissive relationship that has a freaking rule you have to live with the person. The whole thing with Christian is that he's obsessive and stalking someone. He knows that Ana is a virgin so it makes no sense why he would even push a relationship with her when he's said enough times he doesn't think she is prepared for what he wants.