Reading progress update: I've read 58%.

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James

It's not 3 pm but I'm sitting this aside from now. My rage at this book has me yelling out loud.



That's me pretty much after reading every sentence in this book.


Well Christian finally spanks Ana and she cries about him being "fifty shades of fucked up.". I laughed hysterically. Honestly this book is awful. The plot is a joke and the dialogue is terrible. This fool bought her a car and Blackberry so he can keep tabs on her at all times. And she's crying every five seconds since she wants a real relationship and I just want to shake her by saying you don't have to keep seeing this mess of a dude. 


Also how is he in business when he spends most of his time stalking Ana and emailing her back? 


And Ana blaming her roommate is just so appealing. Eyeroll. She has no idea that Ana is in a bullshit lie of a relationship with Christian.


Also most of this book has been reading a contract or emails. There's not a lot of there there and it's not straining my brain at all. I'm actually just bored.