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Geek Actually: WTF (Season 1 Episode 1) - Rachel Stuhler, Melissa Blue, Cecilia Tan, Cathy Yardley

So I thought this serial was cute, but would say that for based on page count I would say this was a little high. I am also going to wait until all the serials for episode one are issued and just buy the whole volume. I am not a big fan of serials since I don't like cliffhanger endings. Heck I hate cliffhanger endings in trilogies too.

"WTF Geek Actually 1.1" goes into a group of friends who stay in touch via messaging (Michelle, Aditi, Taneesha, and Christina). All of these women are in what I guess we could call geek professions, but I think Aditi (sci-fi writer I think) and Michelle (editor at sci-fi publication) are a bit of a stretch. Taneesha is a video game programmer trying to break into the good old boy's network at her job. And Christina is adrift and gets hit on grossly by men while just trying to play Pokemon Go.

I have to say that due to this episode's length, I did not feel like it would be fair to criticize some things I would have in a full length novel. I got to say though, that I was more interested in Taneesha, Christina, and Michelle's stories and hard passed on Aditi's story. I don't know what is going on with Aditi and I found myself not caring. I thought the author just wrote that to shock readers a bit. I was more bored with the sex scenes we got to read about.

I think I empathized the most with Tanesesha because I can't imagine being a woman programmer. The crap she had to take and the crap you know is coming her way looks like it's very interesting story wise.

I hope that Yardley does more with Michelle in the next one. She didn't do much besides try to coax Aditi to write and ignore her husband. Speaking of the husbands, I think that Yardley has to give them some life. They both felt very flat to me throughout this story.

Cheers for geek women everywhere.