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Boring and Some Stories are Repeated in Other Volumes

Don't Look Behind You - Ann Rule

I ended up really annoyed with this one. Honestly I thought that Rule just threw a bunch of stories together and the second story should have been cut from this in its entirety. It becomes a long meandering story about a man who in all probability killed his wife, but there was no resolution to the case. Some of the other stories in this volume I have read in other Rule books so I did feel a bit cheated after I got past the first two stories.


The first story in this one is about a man who I think based on the way the story is written, seemed to be harassing a young woman who was not interested in him romantically anymore. I definitely don't think that is a reason to murder him. But something else seemed to be going on in this story, and it didn't make any sense to me that he was murdered since the murderer didn't seem to get anything out of it besides the guy leaving her alone in the future. The story was honestly not that interesting and I found it really boring. 


The second story is about a man who it appears murdered his wife after she filed for divorce. Then Rule follows the family through the years. I honestly think that a good portion of the story could have just been cut. There is no reason why this story needed to be as long as it was since we don't get any resolution to the case. And Rule even goes so far to say that a woman who is cleaning the home for sale may be a sensitive and can feel the anger in the house the deceased murderer lived in before he died.


The next few stories were short and not that great. I realized after the fact that one of the stories was one I had read in another volume and so I don't know why it got repeated in this volume again.