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Cute Book About A Change of Plans

The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella

"The Undomestic Goddess" was really funny. I really though this was cute and the only reason I didn't give it five stars is that I wish we had seen more of Samantha pushing back against her family and her so called profession up front. The ending kind of faltered a bit to me, but all in all really enjoyed this book.


Samantha Sweeting is on par to make partner at a law firm. Though she doesn't have time to cook, clean, or have a relationship, she's finally ready to get the brass ring. However, a mistake she makes causes her life to go sideways and Samantha goes into hiding as a housekeeper. Problem is Samantha has no idea how to do anything domestic. I laughed a lot. 


Samantha hit me in my feels a bit. She has a best friend, but rarely sees her. Her mother and one brother is a workaholic and her other brother is still suffering from a breakdown. You wonder really if Samantha ever wanted to be a lawyer, or that's what her mother had planned for her. 


When Samantha goes into hiding, she starts to find herself and takes pride into learning the domestic arts. She also finds a love interest.


Can't say much else besides the writing and flow were good.


I loved the setting and changes in lifestyle between London and the small village Samantha hides out in.


Cute ending.