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Weekly TBR for Week of September 11

I totally forgot to post one I think the past two weeks.

Since I am going to be out of pocket pretty much til Friday after today, I thought I update my library borrows and holds. I will not show you books I hit as wishlists to keep track of them or my recommendations. This will end up being a long post. 




Cover image for World War ZCover image for The May Queen MurdersCover image for With MaliceCover image for Night Shift




Cover image for The Tea Girl of Hummingbird LaneCover image for StartupCover image for Defy the Stars Series, Book 1Cover image for Neverwhere

Cover image for Into the WaterCover image for In a Dark, Dark WoodCover image for The Cruelest MonthCover image for Lyra's Oxford

Cover image for The Little StrangerCover image for Woman No. 17





What is your TBR pile looking like?