Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

HEX - Thomas Olde Heuvelt

So I was warned this book may not work for me and my God it does not work for me.

It's boring. Who knew reading about a town suffering under a curse could be boring.

Also I don't like anyone in this book. There are some teens who are assholes to help round out the adults who suck so there's that I guess. 


I guess I thought/hoped it would be scarier. But right now I feel like I am reading the equivalent of a SyFy television show that I would watch at 2 a.m. when I am suffering from insomnia. Meaning, that due to lack of sleep you just go on with it hoping that you eventually pass out. 


Oh and I am mad that I spent money on this! My library did not have the book so even though I recommended it, I wanted to read it for the bingo. Ugh.