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What A Great Look to See What Lyra Silvertongue Is Up to

Lyra's Oxford - Philip Pullman

This was way too short! I wanted it to be much longer than it was. We get to catch up with Lyra who is now at Oxford studying. She and Pan (remember Pan?) get caught up in a plot that ends with them winning the day.


Honestly the book was just a nice sneak peek at what Lyra has been up to since "The Amber Spyglass." It's been I think two years since the events of that book and Lyra is learning how to read the alethiometer. What I did like was this sounds like something that will come into play I think in some later stories. We find out that there are some special friends keeping an eye on Lyra which I got a kick out of while reading. I read that Pullman is planning to put out more stories from His Dark Materials series. 


I wish I could have downloaded the illustrations in this book. They were beautiful. My Kindle did a great job of allowing me to blow up certain things and I got to take a look at Lyra's Oxford.



We also get some excerpts at the end of things mentioned throughout the other books (His Dark Materials #1-#3) too. 


I am still salty that Lyra and Will cannot be together. Seriously. Still salty.