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Well This Quickly Turned Sideways

In a Dark, Dark Wood - Ruth Ware

So...what happened was, the book at first was very intriguing and I liked the dynamics and it quickly fell apart. I mean it just did not stick the landing at all. I guessed at who the victim was and who the villain was and when you find out the why of things you will laugh. Or maybe that was just me. I definitely laughed. Everything was absurd to the 10th power pretty much.


The main character in this book, Lenora (known as Nora) is a fairly successful writer. She is very solitary and barely seems to live her small flat besides her occasional runs. When Nora is invited to an old friend's (Clare) bachelorette party weekend, she wonders why after such a long time she was invited. And there is a hint of something sinister between them and why Nora has not talked to Clare in a long time. 


The other characters at first were interesting. I liked Nora, was intrigued by Clare, and though that another long time friend of Nora and Clare's (Nina) and two other friends of Clare's, one that is highly stressed individual and Tom (the only male in the group). 


Nora got on my nerves though. I just didn't buy that she could be this dumb (she is readers) and I did not buy the reasons why she was not able to move on from a teen relationship she had when she was 16 years old. Sorry. I just don't. It's irrational as anything and the guy (James) was barely present in this book and Ware did not do enough to make me give a good crap about him when he was present. 


The book moves through the future, past (most recent) and later past. I didn't really enjoy the segues back and forth since not a lot of things made sense. And maybe I am a horrible person, but the reveal about what made Nora run and hide from relationships was eye roll inducing. I don't want to spoil for other readers, but it was really awful. I was expecting something truly dark. 


When we get to the ending and final reveal about what is going on I once again didn't buy it. Who does things like this that are not sociopaths? It just didn't feel real believable to me.