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The Bad Seed: A Vintage Movie Classic - William March

I remember watching that Macaulay Culkin movie a few years ago, "The Good Son" and realize that it was a homage to "The Bad Seed." I remember being freaked out at how Culkin acted in that movie. I have to say that Rhoda in "The Bad Seed" would have wiped out that character without breaking a sweat.


"The Bad Seed" is about a mother (Christine) at home waiting for her husband and realizing that her daughter (Rhoda) is not like the other boys and girls. When Christine starts to have suspicions about Rhoda's involvement in an accident that left a classmate of her's dead, more secrets that Christine has tried to forget come out. 


Christine's increasing horror at who her daughter really is was interesting to read. I just think with her going back and forth to the true crime writer to keep getting his opinions about a hypothetical which we readers realize is not a hypothetical was boring. 


And I had to roll my eyes about Christine's background reveal. I liked it better when we just had a story about the world's scariest little girl ever. 


Rhoda is scary as anything though. We get to hear about things she has done and we get to actually witness something she does do. 


I did enjoy this book, but don't think this is something I would read repeatedly in the future. I just think the main problem is that there was a lot of fluff to me in the middle that could have been cut back.