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Stinger is Way too Talky

Stinger - Robert R. McCammon

I have to say that it appears besides "Boy's Life" I'm not destined to like any of Robert McCammon's books. "Stinger" dragged forever. I almost DNFed it, but I just decided to finish it so I could count it as a bingo read. I ended up not caring about any character we are introduced to, I wasn't scared, and I just went than goodness when I got to the end. 


The dying town of Inferno, Texas is on its last legs. In a few months when the local high school closed there won't be anything left of the town. When a spacecraft crashes, the remaining members of the town are left to fight off an alien calling itself Stinger. Stinger is after another alien that calls itself Daufin. 


Ultimately I think if the book had been edited a bit more, or we stuck with very few POVs that it could have worked better for me. I also didn't really like Daufin that much. Taking over the little girl named as Stevie and using her as a "guardian" isn't something that I thought a good alien would do. 


The writing didn't move me at all. And McCammon has been able to make me cry due to his writing. I just felt bored. The flow was pretty bad too. I think jumping between 10-15 characters is what did it. Some chapters were long, some were only a few pages. 


The ending unfortunately fell flat for me.