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Goodbye Amazon

I happily walked away from Amazon reviewing a couple years ago after constantly being trolled and dox attempts.


I am sad to see that the online Amazon forums will be gone it appears after this Friday. Without the Amazon forums I wouldn't have met a lot of really great reviewers out here like Moonlight Reader and others. 


And I also got to learn a lot about how to write reviews and found some great books to read. TRF turned me on to Agatha Christie and other authors. 


It does seem like Amazon is doing what it can to force people to use Goodreads more, but I know a lot of people over at Goodreads don't like the discussion threads over there now because of the way that things got rearranged when Goodreads decided to redesign the website. 


I still like Booklikes the most to have conversations about books and to do our games over here, it's just way more Interactive. 


Anyway just wanted to say goodbye to Amazon forums.