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Great Tale of Sisters

Between Sisters - Cathy Kelly

I really don't have much to say except that now I don't have anymore Maeve Binchy books to read, I have been seeking an author to feel the void, I think that Cathy Kelly is doing nicely for me right now. 


"Between Sisters" is about sisters Coco and Cassie living in Dublin. Cassie is the oldest and fiercely protective of younger sister Coco. Their mother abandoned their family when Cassie was 7 and Coco only 1. They were raised by their paternal grandmother Pearl and made do with a there but not present father who died when they were young. The whole book is mostly about them, their grandmother, their families, and other people that come into their orbit.


Cassie is struggling with two hormonal teen girls and her husband who is always over at his mother's house doing her honey do lists since her husband's father has passed away. Cassie wants the perfect family and is scared that every five minutes she is going to lose it all. She has a tyrant for a boss (don't we all) and is doing her best to not clobber her husband Shay for never being around. 

Coco is still devastated over a breakup she had with over four years ago. She contents herself with her best friend Jo and being godmother to Jo's younger daughter Fiona. 


I loved both sisters equally while reading though felt puzzled that halfway through Kelly introduces a girl who is going to fashion school who I didn't quite grasp what she had to do with things. I honestly thought that she slowed down the book a bit. I initially didn't get the woman we are introduced to in the prologue, but things become clearer the further along you read in the book. 


Kelly also includes two male POVs and man oh man I wanted to kick Cassie's husband in the rear end. 


I honestly have no complaints about anything I read. I just thought it was a lovely story. We had some humor, some sadness, and some HEAs which are always nice.


If I am going to have a quibble about anything, I would say that cutting out the fashion student POV would have made the book flow together much easier. I think going into her whole family's backstory was a bit much with everything else we got in this book.