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Whispers Underground (Peter Grant #3)

Whispers Under Ground  - Ben Aaronovitch

So I have to say this one was very enjoyable. Maybe because there is no Peter angst concerning a woman he is interested in. We get more information on how magic works in this world that Peter is in. Also we get some nice police work as well in this one. The Faceless Man is still running amok though, but I was glad to not have this book focus squarely on him.

Things I loved:

I did enjoy Peter working alongside Lesley. It seems that Lesley is better than Peter at magic, or at least stronger than he was when he first started up with Nightingale.

We get a FBI agent in this one who seems quite savvy and I would love to see her pop up again.

I don't even remember if Peter mentioned going to school initially to become an architect or what in book #1, but I love that he did and he was able to explain certain type of building arrangements and the running joke about why do architects need to draw.

Molly is still silent but seems quite protective of her ever growing population of the Folly.

The writing is very good and also there are some hilarious one liners in this one. It definitely reminds me of the good parts of Doctor Who. The setting of London where magic reigns supreme is a great one.

The ending was great with Peter figuring out who is the culprit behind a murder. And we get a nice circle back to a girl from the beginning of the book who seems to be getting added onto the magical Scooby-Doo gang.

Things I didn't love:

I want more Nightingale. He barely feels like he is in this book. Though he is in this one way more than book #2. I want more training scenes with Peter, Nightingale, and Lesley.

Even though I was happy to see Lesley, I wasn't happy to see how Peter acts anytime Lesley removes her mask. It seems to not bother a lot of people (Nightingale and Molly) but Peter still reacts to it. And it seems that Lesley in a couple of situations notices it too. And through a drunk/funny scene later on with Lesley and Peter. Peter is attracted to Lesley and Lesley is a little bit with Peter. I do think that things will come to a head eventually though since others are interested in Lesley and don't seem to care about her face. I was happy to see Zach, the new character who is half fairy (fae) seems interested in her. Though Zach seems to have a crush on someone else that is called a "whisperer" so who knows if anything will go forward with that.

Honestly I am tired of Tyburn trying to act like she's big and bad. She just shows up in every book now to threaten Peter.

I am already wanting to read book #4 to see what happens next.

With this book, I got my first bingo on my second bingo card which is nice.