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16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Task Four - Thanksgiving Day

1. My family

Pic of my sis's two kids! Happy Halloween! Also I have all together 6 nephews and 9 nieces. 


2. My cat



3. My work wife (seriously everyone needs one). She kept me together the past few months when work got bad. And now I'm working for her and I feel like I crawled out of a pit. It's hard to work for someone (former supervisor) who has it out for you. She didn't like me and just seemed intent on competing with me. She's already a director, I worked for her and she made it obvious that she had no intention of working with me on anything.


4. That I can travel and see so many things/people that I never dreamt I would experience


Trip to Ecuador


5.  Having a great book community to come to on a daily basis that perks me up. Including in there is a special shout out to Moonlight. We've both been busy so I miss chatting away about books with her


Bonus task: 


So after my mother passed away Thanksgiving was kind of a hard day for my family. We would get together to go to my grandmother's house and eat. 


So one year my cousin and I decided we would cook because my grandmother was getting older and also we felt like jerks because people in their 20s should not bounce to their grandparents houses and expect to be waited on hand and foot.


So my cousin and I decided we would cook the turkey and do all the side dishes and just let everybody sit and rest. Well we did not realize that the turkey would need to be defrosted as much as it needed to be. So the two  of us are holding the world's most gigantic turkey ever, we're just forcing hot water into it to try to get it to defrost. And so when that was done we finally stuffed the bird.


Sweaty and exhausted we're sitting down and I'm reading the recipe book which has a note about a package inside the turkey. I tell my cousin and she goes what are you talking about. I said they say that the turkey comes with giblets in plastic, but I don't remember seeing it. 


We stare at the oven.


I think we both realized at the same time we were going to have to take the turkey out of the oven after it had been in there for at least 40 minutes and go rooting around for this piece of plastic. So we did as quietly as we could and we both were just silently screaming at each other as we kept reaching in to pull things out. Thank goodness my cousin finally found the package and took it out and of course we're hopping around screeching at that point at the top of our lungs. My grandmother's asking is everything okay in there and we're just going of course it is.


So that's the story of the time I almost poisoned my family with plastic in a turkey.


Tasks for Thanksgiving Day: List of 5 things you’re grateful for –OR–

Post a picture of your thanksgiving feast; or your favourite turkey-day recipe.  –OR–

Be thankful for yourself and treat yourself to a new book and post a picture of it.

Bonus task:  share your most hilarious turkey-day memory.