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16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Task 8 - Las Posadas

Best vacation home stay over would be when I went to Greece two years ago and stayed on a catamaran!


I had my own room and got a view of the water from one of the portholes. I slept so deeply for two weeks. Sleeping on what felt like the biggest water bed was fantastic. We would often dock at night on an island, but one night we slept while anchored in the middle of the ocean. It was so gorgeous! You could see so many stars. 


Every day we would go to a different island and explore. My favorite was Hydra. The sunlight hitting the side of the mountains and homes was beautiful. Having a glass of lemonade in a restaurant built practically into a cliff was a once in a lifetime experience. And I also ate so many crepes!


We had our own cook on board and she would go to the market everyday and cook up wonderful Greek dishes and insanely enough I lost weight. Probably due to the walking we did everyday. One day I walked almost 8 miles!


I also loved the history aspect of Greece and seeing so many ancient amphitheatres and other places.


So many people were friendly. Most were shocked to find out I was American. Everytime they found out they told me how much they loved Michelle Obama which I thought was cute. Also people were so appreciative of us taking two weeks to island hop. They did most Americans only go to Athens for a few days and that's it. We got to immerse ourselves in the food and culture for two weeks and I for one loved every minute of it.


I love that I still talk to the captain and cook we had even tell years later! We are all friends on Facebook and Instagram and message each other often.


Dream is to go back to Greece and island hop on a different chain this time. 




My bedroom for two weeks!


View from one of the cabin windows. 



Hydra, Greece


Athens, Greece



Epidavros, Greece


Tasks for Las Posadas: Which was your favorite / worst / most memorable hotel / inn / vacation home stay ever?  Tell us all about it! –OR– If you went caroling as a kid: Which are your best / worst / most unforgettable caroling memories?