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C is for Corpse

C is for Corpse - Sue Grafton

Wow. This book was great. Great writing, better development with characters, a nice side plot involving Henry and Rosie, and a great ending. 


Kinsey in book number three I think finally gives you enough yo want to stick with her. You hear about the accident that left her orphaned. Other characters like Rosie and Henry are given more to do. And we have Kinsey doing what she does best, not quitting til she finds out the answer to who tried to kill her client months ago. 


C is for Corpse is told in the first person. Kinsey gives you her particulars and goes into how she was hired by a young man (Bobby Callahan) to try to find out who tried to kill him several months earlier. Bobby was left with injuries, and his best friend ended up dead. Initially Kinsey wonders if Bobby could be wrong, but enough evidence is found for her to realize that Bobby was doing something that caused someone to strike out to take him out.


Grafton gives you more information on Kinsey in this one. It's the first book that goes into the accident that leaves Kinsey orphaned. She doesn't use their names yet. However, we hear how she was raised by her aunt who was cold, but did love Kinsey.  


We also get more development with Henry in this one, Kinsey's landlord and probably the closet person to our detective. I do love Henry in these earlier books, but geez, this book certainly shows his pattern of getting taken by people. Henry meets a woman that is not all she seems and Kinsey investigates. 


We get additional characters that I don't recall being mentioned in future books. I'll have to double-check. I do like how Grafton has characters from earlier books show up in the later ones.


The writing was great and flow smooth. We have a death touch Kinsey and her doing what she can to get to the truth in this one. I don't know if I found the why to the case believable, but it was fun getting there anyway.


The ending leaves Kinsey providing a prologue that has some good news in it. I forgot how much I loved the earlier books that included a succinct prologue.