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Happy ever after - Nora Roberts

The last book in the Bride Quartet was a dud for me. Probably because this book could be the last book in the Dream Trilogy except in name only. This book focuses on Parker and of course so called bad boy Malcolm otherwise known as "Mal. Just call them Laura and Michael. Seriously. Parker comes from a rich background, Mal does not. Mal and Parker have been circling around each other for four books and it's very obvious they are going to get together. But honestly, the big drama just deals with Mal not thinking he's good enough for Parker. That shit got old after a few chapters. I did die laughing at all of the men (heroes) working a wedding with the women. I maybe laughed a few times (not out of delight).


The book ended with a whimper. We get to see Mac get married, but why Roberts did not include the weddings for all of the heroines will forever astound me. I did like how the weddings were spaced apart and not together, and Mac and Carter have been planning their day through three books now. But we could have done an epilogue that jumped forward in time to each of the four heroines wedding day and still caught up with the characters, such as for Emma's wedding to Jack maybe Mac is pregnant, or something new has changed with the business, etc.