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Faithful Place - Tana French

This was so fantastic. This had so much of everything that I don't even know where to begin. "Faithful Place" follows Frank Mackey who we were introduced to in the last book. Mackey is divorced with a 9 year old child named Holly. Though Frank is cynical about mostly everyone, he is doing what he can to be a present father for Holly. That means not telling her why he doesn't talk to or even acknowledge his family.

When Frank's younger sister Jackie calls him due to their family finding a suitcase in an old house that is about to be demoed, Frank realizes his long lost love may not have left him behind like he always thought she did. 

The book goes back and forth to present and past reliving Frank's nightmarish family and his love for Rosie. 


What I loved was the ending with Frank realizing that even though he did what needed done (he found the guilty party) it's going to push him even further away from the place he grew up.