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Secrets in Death - J.D. Robb

I would love to pretend that Eve didn't have a meet up with DeWinter where Eve showed her whole ass. But that happened. I don't even know what to say about this book. Sub-par it is. I just don't get why JD Robb is writing Eve like a freaking mean girl. It's off-putting and asinine.


I also don't want to keep hearing about Morris and his tragic love for Annalyse. She's been gone what a year at this point in the book timeline? What I take it back, it's probably been like 3 months. Time moves at a snail pace in the "In Death" world. 


I also never want to hear about the redecorated bedroom again. Seriously everyone. It also sounds ugly. Celtic symbols all around the bed posts? I am trying to see it and I keep recoiling. 


Murder interrupts things, it always does. I just felt bored by this one unfortunately. Nothing much happens besides Eve over identifying with another victim because Robb always has to write a book in which someone has a similar circumstance to Eve. 


Peabody was better in this one. She still acts annoying about getting her makeup done (shakes head). She shows concern about McNabb, but honestly the usual characters were barely in this one.


We just had Eve attempting to be annoying towards Summerset but nothing much happens there.


Eve does another BS interview with Nadine and even I am sick of her doing that every book.


We hear mention of Bella, Mavis, and others. But they don't show up in this one. We get some dialogue with Morris.