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Mean Girl Start Not My Favorite

Secrets in Death - J.D. Robb

I think to sum up this book was it wasn't great, but much better than the last few books. As some reviews noted, this one was pretty boring. At least we looked into a straight murder this time, but we still had to have the victim being the lowest of the low by targeting celebs who were victims of rape or molestation. Eve was Eve and there wasn't much depth to other characters besides a nice moment between Summerset and Roarke. I guessed the killer pretty easily because once again the bad guy might as well have worn a sign. There seemed to be hints about the victim's obsession, but it's glossed over.


Secrets in Death starts with DeWinter out with Eve hoping to clear the air. Eve is all kinds of wrong here so I'm over the mean girling of DeWinter. Eve still dangles her friendship out of reach and acts like DeWinter did something wrong by being friends with Morris. The hypocrisy of Eve regarding DeWinter being a "snob" made me laugh. You're married to a billionaire, take a seat.


A murder interrupts and Eve goes to work figuring who had the motive to kill a gossip columnist who was into blackmail. The victim was terrible, the people she blackmailed were not. Watching Eve interview wasn't that interesting except for a few scenes.

Most characters show up or are mentioned. There's a a hint that McNabb is burned out which could have been interesting, but that's done away with pretty quickly. We have Eve briefed on what I consider more interesting cases. Peabody was mature for five seconds than goes into straight clown mode again (her demanding her makeup get done is just...I can't talk about it without swearing).


As I said there's some development between Summerset and Roarke which I loved. A secret is out to rest that readers have known about for a while.


The writing is typical Robb. Be warned there's still redecorating discussion and now we also discuss Nadine's new digs and her decorating. The flow was up and down.


The setting of course is New York in February. I hope next book features a time jump by a couple of months.


The ending just occurs and is pretty cut and dry. I was expecting a few more pages and was surprised how the book just ends.