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Current Red Game Play for Kill Your Darlings: Obsidian Blue

Had so much fun playing this. This is my final post. I am not going to try to read any more books for the last two cards for the Green Game. The sun is out and my garden is calling my name. Going to read the next Tana French book though when I come back inside. I can't wait!



Done collecting all of the cards for the Red Group game and Moonlight has let us know we can collect for other games. 


According to Moonlight:

"If you have collected all of the cards for your own game and want to continue to add points to your total, you can either collect 5 points for "unused" cards by reading them, or you can invade one of the other games and claim 10 points from their crimes by reading and collecting their cards."


Round 1:

Obsidian Blue: the Orient Express (crime scene) - Yes. 20 points awarded.


Round 2:

Obsidian Blue: arsenical toothpaste (COD) - Yes. 20 points awarded.

Round 3:

Obsidian Blue: mauled by a demon hound - No. 5 points awarded.

-I also just finished "Evil Under the Sun" to claim points for the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle card which means according to the game I get 10 points.


Round 4:

Obsidian Blue: Maycomb County Courthouse - no. 5 points awarded.

-Collected Severus Snape for finishing that dreadful "The Darkest Minds" which means I get another 10 points.


Round 5:

Obsidian Blue: Samwise Gamgee - No. 5 points awarded.

-I am playing Jane Austen as wild to collect for Easy Rawlins so can collect 10 points. 

 -I am playing JRR Tolkien as wild to collect for shot with a hunting rifle so can collect 10 points.

Round 6

I am guessing for cause of death: shot with a revolver -Yes. 20 points awarded.

-Collected Dark Tower card for reading "First Grave on the Right". 10 points. 


Round 7:

I guessed for near a tor, Dartmoor - no 5 points

-Read "Two Kinds of Truth" for Walter Mosley as a wild card to collect for Katniss Everdene - 10 points

-Read "The Summerhouse" for Pemberley card - 10 points. 


Wrap Up:

I get points for collecting for the Meg Murray card - 5 points.


I also read a Stephen King book (The Dark Half) for the Stephen King card, going to play Stephen King for the Green game for the first victim, Doctor John Watson- 10 points

I read "The Sign of the Four" for another Arthur Conan Doyle card. I am going to play the suspect card for the green game, for cause of death, shot with a revolver.  - 10 points


I read "Binti" and "Home"" by Nnedi Okorafor which counts towards the Planet Camazotz card. Will play that for the Green game, crime scene. These short stories take place in space/different world and a teenaged girl does save the world as she knows it in story one. -10 points

I read "The Art of French Kissing" which counts towards the Samwise Gamgee card and will play that for the Green game, victim two. The author's name is Brianna R. Shrum - 10 points

I read "The High Tide Club" by Mary Kay Andrews which counts towards the beaten in the dark alley card for the Green game. Andrews is an American author. - 10 points. 

I am playing for Gryffindor Common Room, Green game again. I am going to use the book "Checking Out" as something yellow. The title font is yellow. - 10 points

Read "Sparkling Cyanide" and played the the Agatha Christie suspect card (again) for the Green Game and use that for cause of death: antique hunting rifle. -10 points

Read "Half a Heart" for crime scene for Green Game, The Hob District 12 - 10 points. The words hunger and game appear in the text. 

Read "My Cousin Rachel" by Daphne du Maurier for victim, The Gunslinger, for the Green Game - 10 points. The author name fits for this. 

Read "Practice Makes Perfect" by Julie James for cause of death, stabbed by a sword for the Green Game - 10 points.  There is silver on the cover (cuff-link). 


Total number of points for Red Game: 150 points

Total number of points: 255 points total


Current status of the card



Cards I have played: