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Current Red Game Play for Kill Your Darlings: Obsidian Blue

Done collecting all of the cards for the Red Group game!


Round 1:


Obsidian Blue: the Orient Express (crime scene) - Yes. 20 points awarded.


Round 2:


Obsidian Blue: arsenical toothpaste (COD) - Yes. 20 points awarded.

Round 3:

Obsidian Blue: mauled by a demon hound - No. 5 points awarded.


I also just finished "Evil Under the Sun" to claim points for the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle card which means according to the game I get 10 points.


Round 4:


Obsidian Blue: Maycomb County Courthouse - no. 5 points awarded.


Collected Severus Snape for finishing that dreadful "The Darkest Minds" which means I get another 10 points.


Round 5:


Obsidian Blue: Samwise Gamgee - No. 5 points awarded.


I am playing Jane Austen as wild to collect for Easy Rawlins so can collect 10 points. 


I am playing JRR Tolkien as wild to collect for shot with a hunting rifle so can collect 10 points.

Round 6


I am guessing for cause of death: shot with a revolver -Yes. 20 points awarded.


Collected Dark Tower card for reading "First Grave on the Right". 10 points. 


Round 7:


I guessed for near a tor, Dartmoor - no 5 points


Read "Two Kinds of Truth" for Walter Mosley as a wild card to collect for Katniss Everdene - 10 points

Read "The Summerhouse" for Pemberley card - 10 points. 


Total number of points: 150 points


Current status of the card




Cards I have played:




Card(s) I have in my back pocket: