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Perfect - Judith McNaught

OMG this book is crazy and I love it! You got to love books written back in the day (1993) only in Romanceland right?


So right now am on chapter 25 and doing a buddy read with WhiskeyintheJar Romance and Sam (AMNReader). We are having a hilarious chat about this messed up book. I can't even get mad at it. I mean there are some problematic things. Zach sucks and is now demanding that Julie believe him that he is innocent. I mean sure dude, you are holding her at gunpoint and trying to seduce her. Also it's really gross that he's trying to do his best to get her to bend to him that way knowing that she wouldn't feel safe enough to say no. There sadly isn't any chemistry between the two of them for me.

We get another couple in this one, Julie's brother Ted and a woman named Katherine. 


I just realized because of the gun that Zach has that I can use this for Kill Your Darlings.