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Girls' Night Out - Lisa Steinke, Liz Fenton

The fact these three women couldn't see Marco for the tool he is shocking.


"Have you guys ever thought about getting your chakras cleared? Marco doused his scrambled eggs with hot sauce."


I would have run screaming the other way. I am going to say that I think it's weird that a supposed group of best friends are all acting like five year old kids with each other with one of them always feeling left out (Lauren). I have two best friends (we all are best friends with each other) and we hang out each summer with each other. We do a big girl's trip and they leave the husbands and kids at home. Do we probably message each other separately? Yes. But I would not get upset about it. 

Right now my annoyance with this book is honestly because no one is actually "talking" to each other. They are keeping their annoyance with things hidden instead of just having a talk. Ashley talking to some random dude (she's married with two kids) feels weird. I can't see my friends letting me do some mess like that (let's pretend I'm married) while we were on a supposed girls trip.