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Someone Tries to Take Kinsey Out and She Finds Someone New

Reblogged from Obsidian Black Plague:
G is for Gumshoe  (Kinsey Millhone Mystery) - Sue Grafton

I really loved this one. Kinsey is excited. She moves back into her newly renovated apartment that sounds fabulous. She just celebrated her birthday with friends. She's realizing Jonah is not what she wants. And she is then told she and several others are on a hit list. Kinsey trying to investigate a missing woman realizes she can't investigate and watch her back at the same time. She hires Robert Dietz, a private investigator she hired on an earlier case in A is for Alibi. 


This was great. Besides running for her life. Kinsey is dealing with her friend Verna trying to set her up with a doctor, telling herself she's not really into Dietz, and coming to terms with her own mortality. 


The hitman was something out of a cartoon it felt like sometimes too. We have to get into that man's backstory and his family dynamics. No spoilers, but it was odd. 


The writing was really good as was the flow. I was not expecting the ending we get and it took me by surprise. Kinsey and Dietz end up living together for a couple of months after the end of this case before he leaves to go work in Germany.


I think this book was a turning point in Kinsey's development. She finally goes and falls in love again after her wariness about getting too heavily involved with anyone.