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Great Collection of Short Stories

The Blue Bedroom: & Other Stories - Rosamunde Pilcher

I decided to go ahead and buy two of Pilcher's short story collections. I thought this one was stronger. That could have been because I read this one first though. The second one was good, but it just repeated themes that I already read about in this one so I found my interest waning a bit.


Toby (5 stars)- A young boy (Toby) learns about death. I also liked that there is a side story with his sister maybe realizing that the young man she has known forever would be more suitable to be with than the guy she brought home to her family. 

Home for the Day (5 stars)-I laughed loudly at this story. A married man (James) finds out what it really entails for his wife (Louisa) to keep the household running. Staying home with a cold (side-eye to James) he now knows what it means when his wife says "Nothing much" when he asks her what she has been doing all day. When James acts totally surprised that his wife isn't going to just bring him coffee and have a four course lunch laid out I cracked up. I thought this was very sweet and loved the ending. 


Spanish Ladies (3 stars)-A young girl is dealing with the death of her grandfather. Her older sister is about to be married and she pushes away anyone that can give her comfort. The ending definitely made it seem like she was going to be fixed up with a young man she despised until he sought her out and talked to her about her grandfather though. 


Miss Cameron at Christmas (4 stars)-This story made me sad. Miss Cameron spent most of her life taking care of her elderly parents which caused her to give up a lot. When her father finally dies, she is able to buy a home that is just for her. She ends up being drawn in by the family next door. 


Tea With the Professor (3 stars)-This seems to be a theme Pilcher likes to play with in her short stories, either a widowed man/woman and their children. A widowed woman is dealing with both of her children off to boarding school. She starts to wonder about the professor next door to her who seems interested in her as well. 


Amita (3 stars)-I don't know if this story was getting the point across that Pilcher wanted it to. Amita is about a French and Indian woman who ends up marrying a man from England prior to WWII. The story talks about how a young woman talking about Amita (her family was close to the young man's family) and how she realized her mother was racist. 


The Blue Bedroom (4 stars)-A young girl who has felt adrift since her mother has died makes a surprising connection to her new stepmother. Also can we say that the father getting married a year later says a lot about him. 


Gilbert (5 stars)-I cracked up reading this one. A man who marries a widow with two young daughters finally feels a part of things when he helps set up a possible pet funeral. 


The Before-Christmas Present (3 stars)-A married woman discovers feminism. 


The White Birds (2 stars)-A mother worries for her daughter who is about to give birth. During important times of her life, birds have come and signaled something wonderful happening. 

The Tree (3 star)-A young family with no money to fix up their home and cut down an unsightly tree get a visit by their cheap uncle which leads to surprising results. 


The House on the Hill (3 stars)-I wasn't feeling this one much either. A young boy comes to stay with his sister who is expecting her first child. He gets caught up in fantasies about a man that lives up on the hill from his sister. 


An Evening to Remember (5 stars)-Pretty funny story about a woman trying her best to get her home together and cook a great meal for her husband's boss and his wife. Things go sideways when they show up a day early. 


I thought the writing was very good in all of the stories though I didn't care for all of the plots. Pilcher has a great way of describing the weather, food, people, and places that makes the stories come alive.