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DNF: I Have Never Cared So Little About a BBQ Before in My Life

Truly Madly Guilty - Liane Moriarty

I DNF at 35 percent. I could not go on anymore. Nothing was happening and the characters were some of the most aggravating people I have read about in some time. I still don't know what happened at this BBQ that most of the story was supposed to revolve around. I initially thought I would just read until this mythical event happened, but I just ceased to care and decided to be done with this tiresome book.


"Truly Madly Guilty" bounces back and forth between characters that used to be friends (or something like friends) who have been avoiding each other since an event happened at a BBQ. The two characters who the book seems to be mostly following around are Erika and Clementine. I can't say I was a fan of either of these women. 


The book is so slow moving. I just could not take reading about anyone anymore. Everyone in this book seemed to be low-key awful in different ways. 


I also didn't like how this was set up. We keep following people before the BBQ, after the BBQ. At this point I hope it was something epic like aliens beamed on down or something. I hate books that do this thing where everyone avoids actually mentioning a momentous event that all of them would have at least brought up once. 


I only picked this up since everyone has been screaming at me to read "Big Little Lies". But if it is set up like this, I will just pass.