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Tyler Johnson Was Here - Jay Coles

This book is giving me heartburn. There's too much going on and not enough breathing room. Also the book makes the cops in it to be caricatures. We know that there are shootings with cops killing African American men and women. I don't need them holding up a sign saying I am a villain. That's the problem with most of these shootings, they seem to think that black people are bigger and stronger than they are and then you get the media and others saying well if they just complied nonsense.


“Don’t fucking play with me,” the cop yells. “I’m sick and tired of fucking responding to calls because some thugs are terrorizing the poor businesses around here. Do you even know how lucky y’all are?” he asks, his hands shaking around the butt of his gun. “How lucky y’all are to have white-owned businesses in this area? Those poor people have made sacrifices, and this is the way y’all treat them? I’m sick and tired."


This whole scene was disturbing. 


This is real life, not the movies. Boys like you don’t have a place at MIT. Or any of the prestigious schools in America.” “Well, Mr. Dodson, sir, I’d like to think otherwise. I think there’s plenty of room for boys who look like me. But people like you make it hard for us to see that.


FYI this is the principal of the school saying this mess to Marvin.