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Fantastic Book 2 in Superintendent Battle Series

The Seven Dials Mystery - Agatha Christie

Wow. This was so good. I took a while to read this one since the first few pages didn't grab me at all. However, when I finally went back to it, I was totally engrossed. We have the second book in the Superintendent Battle series. I read "Cards on the Table" a few years back and realized that was considered the 3rd book in his series and decided to work back from book 1. I finished "The Secret of Chimneys" and just gave it three stars. Christie does such a great job with not showing her hand until the very end. Believe me I went what the what at the ending and had to go back and re-read after all is revealed.


"The Seven Dials Mystery" starts off with house guests staying at Chimneys. It seems to be a lively group of bright young things who decide to play a joke on one of the young men who seems to oversleep every day. The joke goes off without an issue, but then a young man, Gerry Wade, is found dead. 


"The Seven Dials Mystery" for the most part follows two characters throughout. Lady Eileen Brent (otherwise known as Bundle) and  Jimmy Thesinger. Jimmy was staying at Chimneys when Gerry died, and many think it was an accidental overdose. However, when Bundle comes across another man who was staying at Chimneys who was shot to death, she and Jimmy team up to figure out what connection there is between these deaths and a place called Seven Dials. 


Bundle was awesome. I loved her. I wish that we got another book starring her. She was definitely a mini-Miss Marple/Poirot. Once she realizes that something is going on, she is determined to do whatever it takes to solved the mystery of Seven Dials. She does go and meet with Superintendent Battle who I liked way much more in this one than in book #1. 

Jimmy Thesinger seems happy to play a fool (not an ass) and realizes that things are pretty deep when Bundle brings him the connections between two deaths and Chimneys. He starts investigating and starts suspecting some higher ups in society.


The book's ending was so freaking awesome I had to go back and re-read this as soon as I finished.