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A Lot Like Love (FBI/US Attorney #2)

A Lot like Love - Julie James

Sorry, this one did not sing for me like book #1 did. I didn't like the male lead that much and then the whole book barely made any sense when it came down to the whole plot point with the female lead's brother somehow magically getting his prison sentence waved. The bad guy also seemed really dumb to me in this as well. 


"A Lot Like Love" follows billionaire heiress Jordan Rhodes and FBI agent Nick McCall. Jordan is "asked" by the FBI to help them plant a listening device in a close friend's office at a party she gets asked to go to every year. If she agrees, she can help her brother who is currently in prison get his sentence dropped and he will be out of jail. Jordan balks at doing this until she realizes that if she doesn't get her brother out soon, something may happen to him while he is imprisoned. 


Nick McCall is usually undercover. He thinks that the Rhodes assignment should be easy. It was until the agent who was supposed to play her boyfriend comes down with the stomach flu (yeah right plot contrivance) and then he goes as Jordan's new boyfriend to the party. Due to the man they want to eavesdrop on deciding to hire a PI to follow Nick around, Nick and Jordan have to play boyfriend/girlfriend for a lot longer than one night.


I didn't really buy the set-up in this one like I did in the last book. It also didn't help that I did not think that Jordan and Nick had any chemistry. We get to see how callous he is to a woman he was seeing long-term who he decided needed to know the score (he doesn't believe in commitment). 


I was happy to see some old faces from the last book (Jack and Cameron) but it made me sad since I kept comparing them to Nick and Jordan and finding the latter lacking in every way. 


The dialogue was fine, I think if the set-up and leads had been better this could have been more enjoyable than I found it. I thought the rush to "I love yous" was quite unrealistic too. At least with Jack and Cameron there was a backstory there and we knew going in they were interested in each other until the whole thing between them blew up.