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16 Lighthouse Road (Cedar Cove #1)

16 Lighthouse Road - Debbie Macomber

Wow. I forgot how back in the day Debbie Macomber would have love scenes in her books. It's been a while so it actually shocked me for a second. This is the first book in the Cedar Cove series that I haven't read in years. I still have a bunch of these on my shelves at home, but since I was traveling and got stuck in Boston, decided to re-read the first three since I had some free time. 


"16 Lighthouse Road" stars a whole cast of characters, but focuses mostly on two couples, couple number one is Judge Olivia Lockhart and journalist Jack Griffin. Couple number two is Ian and Cecilia Randall. We also get some third person POVs from Olivia's daughter Justine, her mother Charlotte, and her best friend Grace. 


I liked that Macomber tackles real issues in this book (Cecilia and Ian are divorcing after the death of their newborn daughter, Jack is a recovering alcoholic). 


The kick off to book #1 is that Olivia makes a controversial decision concerning the divorce of Ian and Cecilia which causes Jack Griffin to write about her. With Olivia not sure if she likes the newspaper man, she can't help but be intrigued and flattered by him. These two honestly reminded me a bit of Spencer and Tracy with their dialogue. Olivia has a lot of heartache in her past. She had to bury a son and due to his death it caused the breakup of her own marriage. 


Cecilia I found a bit too complacent. Her marriage to Ian was done on the spur of the moment and I didn't think they belonged together at first. But Macomber has them writing emails (which are shown in this book) and you can see that Ian still loves his wife and wishes he had been there for her when they lost their child. 

We do get some hot love scenes (guess who) and I was pleasantly surprised by them. I started to dislike the later books which always had people just rushing off to get married without having sex first, sorry, that reads as so unrealistic to me in contemporary romance novels. 


The town of Cedar Cove is a fan favorite, and I can see why Macomber returned back her with her Rose Harbor series. I used to have fun imagining all of the places discussed in this book and where everyone lived. 


Though we don't focus on some of the character on the periphery in this one, Macomber gives you enough taste of them to get a feel for these characters. 


These books also always introduce who is going to be the focus of the next book and this one easily slides into Grace's story "204 Rosewood Lane".