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So You Want to Talk About Race - Ijeoma Oluo

I am really liking this. Not going to lie, I thought this would mostly be Oluo's describing events that have happened to her. Instead she is breaking down how people can sit down and actually talk about race. 


With her providing a definition of racism (that I liked) racism is any prejudice against someone because of their race, when those views are reinforced by systems of power. Her telling you what it means to check your privilege and how many African Americans may not realize that they have certain privileges that they probably have not thought about it depending on if they grew up in a two parent family, moderately well off, and are straight. 


Right now I am in the section discussing affirmative action. I have my own story about that one. At my last job (I do not miss it) I had to share an office with two peers. It was a PITA and I never had any privacy. But, sharing an office allowed me to see that the one office mate was racist. Yeah, who knew. We grew up in the same state (PA) and he at first seemed like most of the guys I grew up with. But he got really nasty anytime I was complimented at work and hated the fact I was so well thought of. When he found out that I got to go to grad school (he only had a BA) for free he started screeching about how I only got to go to school due to affirmative action. Mind you, this asshat had no idea that I was on the honor roll from the time I was in middle school up. That I was on the dean's list every semester but one (yeah I partied during my first semester). He could not conceive of a world where I a black woman who was younger than him could have gone to grad school where he only had gone to undergrad. Mind you he went to undergrad on an athletic scholarship, but that was okay.


You may not know, but right now there is another lawsuit going around saying that Asian Americans are being discriminated against due to affirmative action (i.e. letting the blacks in) that every time I think about it, just pisses me off even more. 


"The leader of Students for Fair Admissions and the architect of the case against Harvard is Edward Blum, a longtime crusader against affirmative action who has recruited plaintiffs, hired sympathetic lawyers and raised millions of dollars from conservative groups to challenge voting rights laws and affirmative action policies, often successfully."

Yeah I think he's garbage.