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When Dimple Met Rishi - Sandhya Menon

I really adored the characters of Dimple and Rishi. They have slightly different backgrounds (his family is really wealthy and her family seems to be middle class) but both set of parents are hoping that they hit it off and marry. Getting past the idea that 18 year old teens should betroth themselves to each other, I thought the romance portion of things worked.


I loved the backdrop of Dimple going to a coding event that can set her up if she ends up winning. Rishi was merely there to meet his future wife. Not going to lie, I didn't like Rishi at first. He didn't really seem to hear Dimple's nos about not getting married and wanting more out of life than getting married and having children. I know that things worked out in a happily ever after, but I would not have been down for this relationship if he hadn't done a 180 about things. There is nothing wrong with being traditional, but he really did act like an 80 year old man in an 18 year old's body.

FYI there is a reference to sexual relationships in this one. You don't read about the "events" in question. I did wonder though at the characters moving so fast. The coding event only lasts I think 4 weeks, or was it 6 weeks? Either way, that part didn't ring true to me at all with them having sex and Rishi not assuming that would not mean they were not going to get married. He was the one who was super gung ho about tying himself to Dimple forever. 


It just cheered me to read a YA romance novel starring two teens of color whose background was not a Christian religion.