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Memories of my Father

Bag of Bones - Stephen King

"Bag of Bones" was the last book I read with my father. For those who have followed my blog for a while, you know that he was a huge Stephen King fan along with loving Science-Fiction and Fantasy novels. Once my dad realized how fast I read (he was pretty fast too) he always gave me the new King first and then I would wait impatiently for him to finish so we could talk about the book. So this is going to include just a snippet from what I remember to this day when my dad finished "Bag of Bones." 


Blue's Dad: I cannot believe how he ended this! Mike could have been happy with [redacted] and I ended up being so upset about how [redacted] died I almost put the book down!

Blue: I started to cry when that happened. I still don't understand that, but I loved though when he had [redacted] return and she told [redacted] she was Mike's Little Guy now.


Blue's Dad: I don't care. Can no one ever be happy in a King book?


Blue (stares at dad): Um....no?


Blue's Dad: Also I felt bad for [redacted] she was raped and murdered, I am not upset she was killing people for what happened to her and her child.


Blue: Oh I agree. I think though that is why he wrote it though? That maybe Mike going on to be happy again didn't make a lot of sense for what we found out as we read. Also this is near Castle Rock...how many times is that place going to be in a King book?


Blue's Dad: Go write down how many books take place in Castle Rock.


Present day Blue: I seriously did go and do that. We ended up picking up the conversation later on about this book and argued and agreed with each for the most part. We both loved this book, but wanted Mike to have a happy ending. He does get one, just a different one than we would have thought he should have gotten. 


"Bag of Bones" deals with best-selling author Mike Noonan (thank God he's not another Thad) who is still grief stricken 4 years after the death of his wife. Since his wife's death, Mike has avoided the lakeside home he and his wife loved and fixed up in Derry, Maine called Sara Laughs. After having writer's block since his wife's death, Mike finally returns to Sara Laughs after dreaming of it. 


Mike starts to piece together his dreams to what his wife Jo was doing at Sara Laughs before she died.  I know that this is considered a horror book, but I also think it's very much a mystery too. As readers we follow along with what possibly could be going on at Sara Laughs and why a woman named Sara Tidwell seems to be at the center of things.


Mike ends up getting himself back into the world with connecting with his dead wife's family and also befriending a young mother, Mattie Devore and her daughter Kyra. Mattie and Kyra are so real and you end up loving them both. Mike ends up doing what he can to protect Mattie from her husband's father, Max Devore, who is insistent on doing what he can to gain full custody of Kyra from Mattie. 


I really think this is hand's down one of King's best works. Not only does it reference his other works, "Insomnia," "The Dark Half," "Needful Thing," and others, he also calls out "Rebecca" references in this one too. It's really funny that as fond of this book as I am, I didn't seek out "Rebecca" to read until 2016. 


Everything is beautifully explained by King towards the end of the book and you understand why so many deaths have occurred in Derry (well some of them) and why certain families seem to be linked together. 


I also didn't feel bad for certain men in this story, the kids definitely, but I can see why there were hauntings and deaths. I also loved how Mike's dead wife features prominently in this book. This is also the first book that I heard the word "Outsider" so I was curious when King released his latest book "The Outsider." I thought it would have something to do with "Bag of Bones." 


The writing and flow were great. I tend to re-read this one in late summer (I have no idea why, I just do) and will often take it along when I go to a nearby lake in VA. Something about this book causes me to re-read it at least once a year. I am really glad I did re-read this recently since even though the subject matter is grim, it is a comfort read of sorts to me. 


FYI, this book is one reason why I keep a ceramic owl on my mantle in my house.