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Likely to Die (Alexandra Cooper #2)

Likely to Die (Alexandra Cooper Mysteries) - Linda Fairstein

The second book in this series got a bit off track (when Mike and Alex fly to England for a two day conference) but for the most part this was an interesting read.


Alex is called into a case where a world renowned neurosurgeon, Gemma Dogen, is found murdered. The police believe that Gemma was also raped, so Mike calls Alex to come to the scene with the hope this new case will get her out of her exile since the events in book #1. 

Alex is feeling gloomy and honestly you may want to smother her a bit in this one. I liked that Fairstein's secondary character who is friends with Alex even blew up at her. Alex still feels raw and betrayed after realizing her ex-boyfriend was cheating on her. She sits around a lot of the book wondering why is she alone. She does meet someone in this one, but starts to question things way too early after only meeting this guy twice and having just a handful of phone conversations. 


I still find it weird that Alex's parents and siblings are missing in action. I do love that her close friends check in and call and leave each other messages. My friends and I do the same so that seems realistic to me. 


We get some more details about Mercer in this one (thank goodness) but I started to feel that this book and book #3 which I am in the middle of are repetitive. I already know Alex's, Mercer's, and now Mike's backstory. We don't need to get into it every time. I know that Alex and Mike like to bet on final jeopardy questions. Let us not go into the backstory on every little thing. The only reason why I say this is because this case was so good. Fairstein does a great job with not showing her hand until you realize what is going on. Honestly though if I were Mercer, I would start calling out Mike for never seeming to be involved with police work, but is there to go to England with Alex (which I still called BS on by the way). 


Mike. Still an ass.

The book's setting is mostly the hospitals in the New York area. We read a lot about the differences between neurosurgeons and other doctors. 

The ending was really good and I didn't see it coming. I do hope though this doesn't mean that Alex is going to be in peril in every book. It doesn't seem that realistic to me. There is a dangling loose thread after we get to the end of this book, so that did surprise me. I wonder if we will see this character again.