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This is Where I Leave You

The Deadhouse - Linda Fairstein

And this is where I leave this character. This whole book made about zero sense, but seemed to just be there to push things to a head with Alex and Mike. They both suck in this one and Alex does a woe is me thing when she finally realizes that Mike is seeing someone and shockingly enough seems to be happy. It's also gross when Alex throws out that the woman that Mike is seeing is similar to her so that means he has feelings for her. Yeah I don't know I just rolled my eyes a million times while reading this. This series should just be called the Alexandra Cooper and Mike Chapman series at this point.


There is zero development of anyone in this series. We have Mercer still getting over being shot almost to death after the events in the last book. He is moving on with his life, but you barely see it being a blip on Alex's life. She gets mad at her boyfriend about something that really isn't her business and runs out into the night to make Mike do something about it. Bah.


Mercer seems to just be that magical negro that has barely anything to do in this series and he really deserves better.


I think I finally had enough when Alex gets judgmental about a potential rape victim (the young woman drank a lot and made out and had initial consensual contact with someone) and then we find out that she was lying. And the last book had another potential rape victim that lied too. Considering that I have read the stats about rapes and the small number of women and men who lie about being sexually assaulted I side-eyed the crap out of this whole book/series at this point. I will say that Fairstein at least acknowledges that most rapes are between two people who know each other.


The actual murder case makes zero sense that Alex is even involved. A woman whose husband tried to have her killed, who shows up murdered later was not raped. We hear that Alex is involved cause it was domestic, but that felt like a stretch.


Fairstein spends too much time on the history of every little thing and I didn't care.


Alex finds herself in danger a freaking gain and weeps because Mike must not be coming cause he's too busy with his new girlfriend.